Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday,Sundy, Sundy....

I have tons of fascinating things that I have run across that I would love to put on this blog but alas, I am just swamped w/ real life.

Frances and Sharon left today....Frances is sister Cary's daughter, Sharon is her friend who is in law school in St. Louis. Both are adorable babes. And sweet as pie.

We all went to Daphne last night to dance Zydeco. Lots of fun, saw some out-of-town friends there. Several who live in Lafayette, LA area now that I knew in Memphis. Saw some Memphis friends too. We ate good food and danced and got inspired by Mona The Queen of Zydeco; and Geno Delafonse and French Rockin' Boogie played.

Today is another georgous , sunny day. Very dry and sunny here every day. I must go get some sprinklers going in a few minutes. Thank goodness for the well and pump.

Mark Berson is on his way to Joe Pattis in P'cola and called to see if I wanted to go w/ him or wanted anything. I told him to get some trigger fish if they have it and we'll fix supper for everybody.

Marti is here from Huntsville, she will be over in a bit. Dave is working this afternoon...he doesn't know about our fish dinner yet.

Shelly is on her way from Memphis, but won't get here till late as she got a real late start. She will be here 3 or 4 days.

I told Marti to invite Charles for supper too, Charles is my neighbor who is so sweet to cut and edge my Hardwood house. He is in town this weekend, (lives B'ham most of the time) but he may be here w/ a bunch of his buddies, not sure.

I have a bunch of photos, but no time to post on blog yet. I HAVE to get my Phase II paperwork in order, plus house is a big mess, I can't find anything....(so what else is new :o)

Ahhhhh.....summertime, I love it.

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