Thursday, May 17, 2007

The rapist is caught --should be castrated

After a grueling, sleepless weekend, police tracked down one man in the rape and robbery of a woman and went out Monday afternoon to find a second suspect.

The woman told police that while one of the men was raping her, the other called friends on a cell phone to brag about it. Police later used a signal from the phone to identify the suspects.

Second Story:

As Memphis police brass commemorated fallen officers during a memorial service in front of City Hall on Tuesday, about 150 people, mostly women, converged inside to tell city leaders that they're fed up with crime.

The rallying force for many of them was the rape of a woman who was forced into her home Friday afternoon in an upscale neighborhood near Memphis Country Club.
"This is not about one rape, it's about the 11 rapes that took place this weekend..."

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