Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hallmark is on to something

Scientists at Hallmark Cards' Center for the Research and Development of Sentiments announced Monday that they had discovered three previously unknown emotions that can be experienced by human beings and captured on a folded piece of card stock.

* Requiapathy - the combination of relief and guilt that comes with the sudden realization that you no longer miss a dead loved one.
* Seprudity - the feeling of appreciating a coworker's dedication without fully understanding his or her job function
* Trepatiousness - a synthesis of rage and jealousy, though more muted and often accompanied by a sensation of weightlessness.

The three emotions represent the latest discovery in the center's ongoing Emotions Mapping Project, a $42.4 million effort to identify and codify all of the mental and physiological states generated within the human psyche that are not currently covered by Hallmark's extensive line of greeting cards and collectible ornaments.
Thanks J-Walk

Give me a bit of time, a couple of cold beers, $42,000 and I bet I could come up with a couple more.

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