Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Around Here

Shrimp fest is this week. The Kick-off party was Friday night.

My days are full. My car is full.

House guests arriving. Poster tent has to be set up by me and I can't locate one of the 4 light pole display laminated posters for the aluminum frames that i had a fabrication shop make for me. They didn't have the frames ready until yesterday ( they had 4 months !) and now, I can only find 3 of the inserts I made. I took one up to the aluminum shop a few weeks ago and I think maybe I was driving the VW Thing w/ the windows out. I think I ran some errands that trip out and wonder now if someone might have grabbed the big poster on foam core out of my car while it was in a parking lot. I don't even think I can remember seeing that other insert since then. So that means me having to go to about 3 locations to round up what I need to make another....yuk !

I have all sorts of house guests coming for SF. So there is house cleaning that needs to be done, but that is low priority....all my friends are self sufficient and can 'deal with it' if I don't get into 'Martha Mode'.

I have had to photo all the SF merchandise and Heather is editing the photos this week.
It has not rained since who-knows-when, so I have to get out there and get the hoses going on my bamboo. The grass gets watered at the same time, so I am so very grateful for my Hardwood Dr. neighbor, Charles, who does all my cutting and edging and driveway clipping blowing, etc...at both houses. He is a ball of energy !

My favorite osprey has not been around lately. The other one, that flies of when I come out in the yard, has been. He doesn't chirp as loudly as my favorite one, so I can tell it his him from inside the house.

Microsoft is retiring FrontPage, a program I have been using to keep all these websites of mine afloat w/ minimum effort all these years. Now I am going to have to maybe go back to school or get some big fat books and learn Dreamweaver or the new Microsoft program. You can download the beta version of this new thing now, so I will probably do that and try to learn it. This change is no little deal. FP has always worked with all these proprietary functions that need what is called FP Extensions installed on the server. I have read that soon FP Extensions will no longer be on servers, so that means I can't just let things remain as they are and expect anything to work. Everything will have to be restructured to function without things like Shared Borders, automatic Server Side Includes, and little stuf like auto date of last update and other 'bells and whistles'.

I wish I was going to PubCon in LasVegas in a couple weeks, so I could learn more, fast, but it is just too big of a deal for last minute scheduling. I'll go to the next one.

I can't put thisnew MS software on the same computer that I have FrontPage on , as it would probably screw things up, so I have to figure out where to put it.

I am also going to be forced to learn Cascading Style Sheets. I have been avoiding that, but soon I will have no choice. Someone has written a program to assist in migrating FP webs to Dreamweaver, and that might be helpful, but just something else taking time to learn.

Meanwhile I have about 8000 emails in my inbox, no lie. I sure need to do some computer housekeeping. Some people declare inbox bankruptcy and just delete everything. They then write a group email to everyone they know and tell them what they did and if there is anything pending or important to send it again.

OK....I am off and running.....and by the way, no one will be getting Xmas gifts from me, I have already decided that. I have to make at least two more trips to Memphis to bring back stuf . Glenn and I think we will both go the weekend of Thanksgiving. He is a good sport to offer to help. That way we could always come back in the car pulling a trailer and the other person driving a U-Haul truck. Momma and Daddy will be moving sometime around that time. I have mountains of boxes of Miller's belongings and mountains of stuf from Wilderwood Lane that Harry has brought to Momma's. Lots in the boxes can be thrown away and given to Goodwill and a few things sold on ebay (like Cessna parts, there is a shop in Memphis to do that for me), but I have to go thru the boxes to separate the stuf.

Now I REALLY am off and running....

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