Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Imagine My Surprise

Ok, so I am reading the text on a French I don't read French, they have an English language version.....and the site is about the "world's first antidepressant perfume". The stuff is called SMILEY and the logo is a circular yellow fellow that resembles Wal-Mart's bouncy 'Roll Back' employee.

I watched the video, it is well done technically, if not somewhat monotonous....then I am searching around the site and it says something about Cannes Film Festival. And I am thinking, "what could this silly looking perfume have to do w/ the film festival?" I randomly click on one guy's photo and low and behold, it says it is Brett Rattner, a guy who sent me a ck for 2 grand a year or so ago. He wanted to use some of my scrapbook graphics in a Flash program for some Nevada ISP. Small web world.

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