Sunday, October 22, 2006

Video Cams

I think I want to get a video camera. The Sony one that I found w/ Miller's stuf has some mechanical problems. Seems the auto focus motor has gone out and there is some mix-up with the audio. I have a ton of those little 8mm tapes for it, so I will see if it is possible to fix it for cheap.

And, the big clunky ancient Canon camera is another possibility, and it uses the same tapes, but as I recall, about 5 yrs ago, Miller told me that it wasn't working right. Maybe he fixed it, don't know, but will try it out. One problem is batteries for both these cameras. The old batteries won't hold a charge and replacements are very expensive.

I was looking on UBid to see what was offered, I read a couple over-view articles on PCWorld and PCMagazine's sites. (Ever tried to go back and find an article you read on either of these sites online ?---impossible. I have tried many times, I can never find the same article twice)

I want to be able to record at least an hour video in one outing, quality doesn't matter much as I will use it for stuff about the local resort scene to upload to GooTube and link to it from websites.

I have not bothered to keep up with the trends in camcorders, so the stuff in the articles I read was all new to me. Seems like the ones w/ their own hard drives are pretty expensive---I want cheap. Too much wind blown sand, salt and corrosive air on the beach for me to get an expensive one.

Seems the ones that record to SD cards don't have enuf recording capacity. The flash media cards don't hold but a tiny bit of video and some cameras can't use cards larger than 1 gig.

The ones that write directly to DVD are pricey and you have to buy these special tiny DVD blanks. Seems the ones that use a mini cassette called DIV or something are most popular, but require more time to reformat the file types on a PC to work w/ the recording, edit , etc.

Some hook to the PC w/ USB, but others require Firewire. I suppose the Sonys can use ILink too. All my computers are Sony and have lots of plug in ports...Sony is in the entertainment & camera biz and make their computers in a way to encourage you to buy more stuff to hook to them

Bet ya just can't wait....Lundy the mini-movie producer. I want to be good at it by next Shrimp Festival.

Anyone have advice ?
Or more specifically, video camera advice?

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