Thursday, October 26, 2006

Phase II

This week I met with partners Steve Pruitt and Jim Merritt who may end up being the builders for my Phase II house addition. Steve did some work on Miller's condo after Ivan. Steve, Jim and I went to the Nasello job site so they could see a DAC-ART project in progress.

Today Ted Dial (Mr. DAC-ART) is coming over to the Jerry Nasello job site to give instruction to the crew there and Steve and Jim are going to meet w/ Ted and Mark , Jerry's builder, too.

Momma and Daddy need some help getting organized about this upcoming move. Jim Beck , the interior decorator is getting the decor of the new place organized, but the house they are leaving has about 3 X the sq footage of the new place, plus there is a ton of stuff there that Harry has brought from the Wilderwood Ln house and put in the guesthouse and garage that I have to pack into a U-Haul and get down here to go thru. A lot of the boxes are Miller's and were in storage in an airplane hanger and his old bedroom. The rest is pretty much the entire contents of the Wilderwood Ln house, as best I can tell.

I am glad that Steve and Jim are going to be available today to meet w/ Ted and see DAC-ART being installed today as this will move me closer to a start date on the additional house space I need.

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