Monday, October 16, 2006

Shrimp Festival

was a huge success.

I slept till 9 a.m. this morning. No alarm, I just wanted to sleep as late as I felt like. Whew....and I get to use a real bathroom today....yipee.

The weather was perfect all weekend. Some people even commented that they thought Sat's weather made it the most perfect day they could ever remember.

My friends, Jane, Glenn, Joy, Marti, Tab all were tremendous help in the Poster Tent. I also got assigned some great volunteers that I had not met before. We sold a ton of 2006 shrimp fest posters and a bunch of the older ones as well.

Poster artist, Patty Mauldin came on Sat aft. to sign posters in person and I got to meet her. She is the sweetest, cutiest thing. From Laurel , MS and has a place in Orange Beach.

The Poster Tent was located pretty near the East Stage, so we could hear all the music that happened on that stage and for the most part it was not so loud where we were that we could not hear or talk to customers. We were open on 3 sides, so we had a great Gulf breeze all the time---sometimes a bit too much !

Last night at the SF Committee wrap-up get together in the VIP tent, everyone was in agreement that this year went very smoothly and was a huge success. After that, we all went over to the Top Shelf for laughter , gumbo, shrimp and beer.

Now, today, I can begin to trudge thru the 100's of emails that have stacked up and ck and see if my websites are still up and running.

Main Shrimp Fest site

Shrimp Fest Merchandise Site (mine)


Ruth said...

Thanks for the Shrimp Fest report. I'm so thankful all went well. You were certainly on my mind.

Anonymous said...


Glad S-F went well. I've missed keeping up with you. I know you are exhausted, but it sounds like it was worth the effort. The posters are great! So glad the weather cooperated.