Saturday, October 28, 2006

From Memphis

I have spent the last cople of days sorting thru boxes, making trips to the Goodwill and ck'ing email on a itty bitty computer w/ tiny keyboads on whiich i accidentally hit the edgeof the adjacent keys and get double letter typos using an earthlink dial up connection. Slow process.
Plus the keys are hard and slippery, i think Id make lfewer typos if the keys were the rubber type. Worst is that occasionally I accidentlaly hit a symbol or F key and the whole browser says it has encountered a fatal error or some such thing and i loose what i hyad been working on....

I packed up some of momma's crystal laswt night, very carefully....and i am carrying down about a dozen national geographic issues every time i go up and down the stairs, so eventually i'll get most of those to the garbage area. I mentioned to momma throwing them out the upstairs window3 on to the concrete drive4 in front, i think it would be4 fun, she seemed less than enthuisiastic about that plan.

i am off to goodwill now, there is a drive4 thru drop-off near here and it is wonderful. the byuilding is a former union planters mini-bank. i dont think they left any money behind tho.

beautiful sunny,m crisp weather here and that is a big helop to me.

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Ruth said...

You're surely getting plenty of exercise this trip! FYI: You might want to divide your donations among organizations. If you donate more than $500.00s worth in a calendar year to one organization you have to list each item donated, provide original price and send in depreciation schedule in order to get the tax deduction.