Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ospreys in Oct.

I wonder if the plural of osprey is ospries. Anyone know ? Guess I could do some research, if I had time. Or made time.

Yesterday was georgous. I decided to bail rainwater and clean my pedal boat, which I did in a swimsuit, except the lagoon water was still too high to tip my boat up and drain the hull which got flooded in last week's weird 2 or 3 day wind/rain storm. So soon as the tide is lower, I'll pull the plug, tip it up and let it drain out the drain hole.

When I first went outside, the osprey that is NOT 'my' osprey, was in the tree. I peeked around the corner of the house and took a couple of photos, but the second he saw me, he took flight. Look at the big version (click it) of the photo to see how enormous his wingspan is.

First two photos are the 'other' osprey. Second two are my osprey buddy.

After a little bit, MY osprey was in the same tree, and he watched me bail and mess with my boat. I came and went and did whatever I wanted and he just watched. I whistle at him usually too. I can get better photos of him becuase he lets me get close and at any angle I want.

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Carol said...

Hey L,

According to, the plural of Osprey is Ospreys. It is also known as a Fish Hawk. Love Love your pics of the osprey, too.