Monday, November 13, 2006

Harassing Phone Calls

I am on the warpath.

Some guy named Mike Kelso of Loxley, AL has malfunctioning auto-dial equipment that has been calling me all thru the night and this morning also.
It is pretty easy to dig outthe responsible party & their info from a phone number.

He is not answering his phones. I have called the number listed as BestSouth Communications and BestSouth Systems as well as various numbers I found doing WhoIs and AnyWho searches.
His fax number doesn't answer.

I have notified the local phone co from whom he leases the line, the AL public service commission (at the phone companies request), Chamber of Commerce, BBB, and emailed all sorts of email addresses I have found for his various buisinesses.

He has one website called w/ inbound liks from all these X'ian sites. I could broaden my reach to get his attention if the calls continue. I got what may be a cell number for Mike Kelso from registration info for that site. No answer, I left him a voice mail.

I doubt if he knows the trouble I will go to to make the calls stop. I am putting his name and biz name here so when people do a seach for him, they will find this info perhaps. The Mike Kelso Sucks type web stuff usually gets their attention when it comes up in search.

Kelso, Mike
Family4Life LLC
16989 Descartes Dr
Loxley, Alabama 36551
United States
16989 Descartes Drive
Loxley, Alabama 36551
United States
2519645277 Fax -- 2519645277
Administrative Contact:
Kelso, Mike

update: just got a phone call, Mike says the calls will stop.

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