Thursday, November 09, 2006

Weekend at Becky's

Last weekend I stayed down on West Beach at my good friend Becky Gottsegen's with Becky and three of her precious Baton Rouge girl friends.

We had a ball. Becky had read this small book called "A Weekend to Change Your Life" and had mapped out these little exercises for us to do. Of course, there was a lot of improvising and abreviating going on.

Mostly we had fun.... Linda, Georgia, Rosalind, Becky and me.
Linda made cookies, we all made pot holders ! We looked a lots of old photos...plenty when we were young and cute.

We took beach walks, swam , or rather drank margauritas in the pool.

One interesting thing to me, Georgia, who I had never met before, sister is married to a Memphis lawyer who happens to be the first cousin of one of my very good since childhood friends. Small world.

Becky and Warren's super home is on a super stretch of beach that adjoins the wildlife refuge. The monarch butterflies were everywhere. Each year they pass thru here during migration and lay eggs on a type of milkweed plant. There are tons of shells on the beach for a change and very few people, almost none.

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