Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I pulled in about 7:30 p.m., saw lots of police and radar on the usually police-free route. Just about every police car I spotted was in the act of giving a ticket. I was glad tho that my 21 yr old radar detector picked up at least a weak signal from all the police cars. Mississippi must still use the older form of radar.

And, guess what, one of the neighbors around Momma & Daddy's house has a wireless signal strong enuf for me to get online. I am getting a really strong signal from one neighbor but it is password secured, but there are two more that are not, and even with 2 bars out of 5, I am online at 50MBPS...huge improvement over dial-up. And these houses are not close together...this one is on about 4 acres I think.

Thanks neighbors who ever you are !

Poor Daddy is not looking very good. He fell a week ago and hit his head. His eyes are black and deep in their sockets. He has a HUGE knot on his head. Still. Luckily it is on his upper forehead, not in a place that would rest on the pillow and keep him from sleeping.
Daddy needs a lot of assistance with everything now. Momma is really stretched thin.

Momma has a bad wound on her shin. I may have to take her to the wound specialist after T'giving. My Photoshop class that was suppose to be Mon,Tues and Wed got canceled. I got a phone call yesterday....seems someone forgot to order the manuals that are included in the cost of the class. Both Heather and I were suppose to attend. They are going to re-schedule. Sooo , I may drive back on Monday instead of Sunday. There is an important Shrimp Fest meeting on Tues. morning at 8 a.m. that I need to be back for.

On the drive to Memphis I stopped at what has to be the roughest Dairy Queen ever---in Citronelle, AL. Doesn't DQ have some universal standards that all franchises must adhere to ? They had a pleasant and efficient (but unkempt looking) staff inside, but the look of the place both inside and outside was scary. There was no such thing as uniforms, or rules about handing money and food prep at the same time. Try the new hAZELNUT Latte-da Frappe concoction. Really good. Has 40 million calories.

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Ruth said...

What a great surprise to get a report from Memphis. I am so sorry to hear about the health problems that your mom and dad are having. It sounds like your being there for Thanksgiving is a God send for them. Glad you would be able to stay until Monday if necessary.