Friday, November 17, 2006

Thirsty Thursday

Remember that old term...thirsty thursday, ...i have not thought of that in 25 years. I guess it jumped into my head because I am taking a moment to catch my breath while Glenn drives from Foley to G.S. and we head over to the Chamber's Business After Hours at The Wharf.
Then after that is: go to The Beach Club for dinner and music. We may not need dinner tho. Usually A.H. has so much food it can be dinner. The Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival is going on. It is a 10 day event. Tonight at The Beach Club is a great 3-some....Larry Cordel, Carl Jackson and Jerry Salley. I have seen them a whole bunch of times. They are Nashville guys and Larry C. won the Country Music Award "Album of the Year' a year or two before Ivan. These guys do 3 part harmony and play together a lot in Nashville and I have seen them on the Turner South network "Bluebird Cafe' show.

Today was event filled, ...i am looking forward to some chill time.

Now I find Blogger is out due to maintenance..Oh well, I'll post later.

Meanwhile, I'll keep typing.

Check out what the municipal agenda is for Gulf Shores....Gulf Place. May still be a couple years out tho. The state highway has to get re-routed, no small deal, and lots of developers and property owners and the city council have to all see eye-to-eye.

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