Sunday, December 17, 2006

Alabama Motorsports Park

It is finally official, acc'd to the local newspaper.

After much indecision about where it should be built, Mobile is going to be the home of the new Dale Earnhardt, Jr Speedway. It is suppose to go on 3,000 acres in the north-west part of Mobile called Pritchard. The area is basically a very low income, predominately black area, w/ lots of crime. I drive thru it every time I take Hwy 45 off I-65 and out towards Memphis.

This huge $624 million thing is suppose to have a 75,000 seat racetrack, sprint track, road course, drageway, big RV park, 7,000 seat multi-use arena, 5 music halls, stocked lake, restaurants, shopping ctr, and maybe a water park.

People down here, absolutely WORSHIP the late Dale Earnhardt...Number 3.

There were a couple other locations, two in Baldwin County, considered,.... one very close to me and another near Summerdale, not far from me, but local citizens rallied against it and showed up in droves at city hall meetings to protest. These further south locations would have seen humongous traffic jams and huge stress on the infrastructure. The Pritchard location is much closer to both I-10 and I-65, so that will be a lot better.

There should be absolutely no excuse of unemployment in the depressed Pritchard area after this this monster project begins construction IMHO.

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