Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gibber Jabber

Today I became the proud owner of my first ever sprinkler system. Rodney Sutton and crew finished up installation on a sprinkler system at the Hardwood Dr house. The way I have it figured, I should break even on this in about 2 years or if I sell, should be able to recapture the investment. One person said it was worth about 3X what it cost to install on resale value. I don't know, but a house with a sand & weed (read baredirt) yard would be hard to sell at all....and that is what I'd have if we had another summer of drought like last summer.

And even better, I struck a deal w/ the Rainbird installation co. to do my Lagoon House after the addition is built in exchange for web exposure.
The photo is of my new well pump. I'll get a little house built over it. My sweet neighbor from B'ham next door says he will build me one.

Total investment so far: $3300 (1400 for well, 1900 for sprinkler system) but that is free well water, not city water, and the electricity to run the well pump is almost nothing. Last summer I had city water bills up to $200 a month , just to try to keep the sod alive. The developer seems to have scraped off the topsoil and deposited red sand in its was interesting to see in the trenches where the water lines went. Seems there is some organic matter about 6 inches down...and that is a good thing.

Once again I will be sporting a red spot in the center of my forehead. The little scaly spot has come back after a year. When I bothered to go to a real dermatologist he told me to use Carac creme for 3 weeks. It is a chemotherapy creme for those pesky skin cancer spots. I experimented w/ fake bangs last winter, but found out that i really didn't need them. The red spot was not so bad that a dab of foundation wouldn't cover it.

Today the Chamber had a Christmas open house at lunch time. I poped in to grab a free lunch and got to visit for a moment with the great gals that make up Mark's harem...errrr...the Chamber staff.

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