Monday, December 18, 2006

I Got Milk

I have been buying this shelf-stable boxed milk that I love. I remember seeing this kind of milk in Canada about 30 yrs ago and asking why it was not for sale in the US.
I was told that the American Dairy Assoc fought it tooth and nail. At W-M it is even a little hard to find the stuff, it is not w/ regular milk or even close , not w/ health food either. I think it is next to marshmallows or some odd stuff, sorta hidden away. W-M here carried the 2% and whole milk.

Acc'd to the official website, it keeps 7 months unopened. But the reason I am mentioning it here is that even after it is opened, in the fridge, in my experience, it keeps damn near forever. I have never had it go bad in my fridge. Last week, I smelled some that i found over on Hardwood Dr. in the back of the fridge, about 2/3 of the box used up, and it smelled just fine. No telling how old that milk was.
Parmalat Milk

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