Monday, December 25, 2006

Life 2.0 : User Created Content

Dove soap is offering women the chance to create their own 30-second spot promoting Dove's new body wash. The grand prize: The winning ad is set to air during the Academy Awards broadcast in February. The three finalists will also be flown to Los Angeles for a private Academy Awards viewing party. The deadline to enter is January 15.

User created content. Big on the web, now TV. Might be the dawn of the new age of television.

The restaurant chain Chipotle got together with YouTube to launch an ad contest, and awarded the winning video ad $5,000. Students who participated in the "30 Seconds of Flame" contest used word-of-mouth to push their ads by handing out fliers and sending out e-mail blasts to alumni groups to spread the word. The winning spot received 4.6 million views, while the second-place ad had 4 million. Hey, I've never eaven heard of this restaurant and they got my attention.

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