Monday, December 25, 2006

Bottle Tree

Stephen showed up in his pickup with a great Christmas present. He made me a bottle tree. I have always wanted one, and now, especially, since I have lost so many trees from the storms.

He planted it and we went straight to Bruno's and bought all the wine in cool bottles that we found. Immediately we began to ready the bottles for display, but only made it thru 2 or 3 so far.

Won't it look great with the sun shining thru the colorful bottles ????


Anonymous said...

Well, L,

I think that is a voodoo thing. but you go right on. what kind of tree is it, specifically - can't any tree be a bottle tree. I feel like I'm going out on a limb by putting up a bluebird house (xmas gift) - hate to endanger innocent bluebirds w/ promise of shelter in cat/squirrel/chipmunk/raccoon-ridden neighborhood! Well, you are the Audubon of our day. Please advise. As always, with love,


nm. said...

Hi C- This is Nancy M hailing from Arkansas where-yes, you're right-any (dead) tree is a bottle tree, but esp. cedars cause they last so long, I guess.
We wrap a strip of metal flashing around the tree under the birdhouse and nail it on. No one can climb up it(slippery) to get to the birdhouse. Sorry to butt in but hope this helps.

Anonymous said...


Does the strip of metal flashing hurt the tree? I'd rather lose a squirrel or a bird than a tree, especially if the tree fell on my house. You are kind to reply, and NO you are not butting in. Love hearing practical tips.

C (future bluebird hostess, I hope!)