Monday, December 11, 2006

When doctors just can't put their finger on your ailment

Woo World Self Treater

This online service has been created so you can avoid doctors and hospitals (who only treat the symptoms, not the illness, and will send you home to die when they can't sell you any more pills). Simply fill in the form below, concentrate your mind on the vibrational level of your illness, and press the button.

Here is my personal diagnosis and recommended treatment

Quantum-consciousness analysis of your auric field shows you are suffering the symptoms of curdled mammary glands, which is commonly seen among females born under the sign of Virgo. Angel Therapy has been shown to be effective* in relieving the symptoms of curdled mammary glands and allowing the body to heal itself. You can also boost your immune levels by remembering to be at one with the universe, and commence colonic irrigations to remove toxins.
Since you are vaccinated you are also strongly urged to contact a naturopath or kinesiologist to test whether you have autism.
I am sure they are right-on.

Get Your Own Diagnosis

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