Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nigerian Email Scam Targeting U.S. Churches

I mean, really, how dumb do you have to be to fall for any of those something-for-nothing email scam letters ?

According to TV and 20/20 some people are still believing this nonsense.

The widely-reported case of Mary Winkler, the Tennessee woman accused of murdering her minister husband, also grew out of a Nigerian scam, according to prosecutors.

Federal investigators say she had been cashing a series of counterfeit checks from Nigeria at a Tennessee bank.
(She was arrested down here, in Orange Beach !)

"They are going after small churches, claiming someone has left them a lot of money to improve their church or help others," U.S. postal inspector Steve Korinko told ABC News for an investigative report on the Nigerian scams to be aired Friday on 20/20 and World News with Charles Gibson.

An offer of $41,000,000 to the Hickory Ridge Community Church in Sussex County, Del., allowed scammers to cheat a group of prominent Christians out of $350,000.

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