Monday, December 11, 2006

Wow...Such Hostility !

Just had a wild phone call from a very irrate builder. He was demanding that I remove the video of the stacking of DAC-ART blocks at my friend's house from the website and YouTube or my friend could just find another builder tomorrow. He said he saw a bunch of OSHA violations and could sue me for being out there making the video. When he started talking on and on about lawyers and such, I just hung up on him.

I told him that I certainly did not want to cause my friend, who's house it is, any trouble and that I'd remove the link and the video on YouTube. I also told him before I hung up, that I had never experienced such hostility before from anyone in Baldwin County. He said he made no apologies for his hostility. I asked him if he'd like to make the construction site OSHA compliant and then we'd re-do the video...he was like HELL NO.

I told him that I knew it must be stressful trying to be a builder of a home here since he had moved to Seattle.
My friend didn't know that the guy was gonna take off for Seattle when he hired him as builder. The builder has assigned his brother, a real estate agent here, the task of checking on things locally. The brother seems to be even tempered and much less volatile.. he was even present the day I made the video, and he is in it in fact.

Oh well, video is off & YouTube for now.

DAC-ART inventor, Ted Dail commented: "I cannot imagine why anyone would be hostile or rude to intelligent and charming artists, but I have seen the phenomenon. It would be rather nice if this job didn't have the tension and took a calm, let's-talk-about-it path, but I don't know how to get everyone to relax. "

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