Friday, December 22, 2006

Take Two, They're Small

Big book listed on Amazon, $15,000

"According to Guinness World Records, at over five by seven feet (and 133 pounds), this staggeringly beautiful photographic book is the largest published book in the world--about one of the world's smallest countries.
A limited edition of 500 copies will be produced. The "price" is a donation to Friendly Planet (a publicly supported charitable organization. Each copy is built expressly for the recipient, is numbered, and can include a personal dedication message. "

All the 'reviews' except one make fun of this book. Example; you could possess what would possibly the greatest bug-squashing device known to mankind.

One guy actually bought it and thinks we should too. If YOU buy one, please, please, please use my Amazon search box or link ....I'll get a small percentage (which in this case would be a big deal :o)

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