Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boy oh Boy

I am glad that my sites are squeeky clean ...looking at ConcreteCottage web stats just now and I saw that someone from Google, a real person, not a bot, spent almost 13 minutes on that site this afternoon.

Either they are interested personally in DAC-ART construction..unlikely considering what I saw about the visit, or they were checking the site out....much more likely, as the viewing was done from work(Google) and they had javascript disabled. They actually do look at sites and give some of them yea-or-nay points. Hope I got a thumbs-up.

I don't use javascript so no problem for me, but what if, like so many, I had used javascript navigation....they had javascript disabled in their browser.

Funny thing is that since Google has captured almost all of the search traffic, my heart was racing when I saw that weblog entry. I first saw a visit from Mountain View, California and I figured it was a search indexing bot, but they do their thing in micro seconds and don't use a regular browser. When i saw that it was an almost 13 minute visit, my heart started pounding...for real...like being called into the Principal's office in High School. You sure want Google to LIKE your site ! That is an understatement cause if they don't, no one will see it.

This visitor was using MSIE 6.0....I am surprised it was not FireFox.

And, there was no referring link, it was a type-in, so undoubtedly they were ck'ing it out.

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