Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Life

I have had really busy days lately. I know most of it is of my own doin', but somehow, I just seem to have been extra busy the last few weeks.
If I just didn't get all these great ideas !

With my coffee, I worked on some new Christmas scrapbook artwork to be scanned for the scrapbook website and dealt with some overnight email.

I spent an hour or so rounding up loose paperwork, looking for lost paperwork and putting it in the correct 3-ring binder to take to my new CPA 's office. I switched services last week and had to go pick everything up at the old one, try to add new stuf to the mass of papers and go meet w/ the folks at the new office and try to explain it all to them. I have to make a lawyer app't to get incorporation paperwork done. So today I dropped of all my notebooks where I try to keep stuff organized. I have something like 12 3-ring binders. They are all Pirates of the Caribbean notebooks that I got on clearance for something like 50 cents each. When I bought them the sales lady said, "And they are not even Johnny Depp" (they have Orlando Bloom or some pirate on them)...I told her I didn't care if they were Michael Jackson notebooks, the price was right.

I answered about 15 emails in between other stuff.

I re-mailed the two pieces of mis-delivered mail--we get a lot of that here. I toss it if it is just a charity asking for money or something, but this was a bill.

Anyway, today I went in Gulf Shores utilities and changed two bills to be sucked out of a different (and correct) bank account. Went to the cable TV office, to switch some billing there and ask for credit on my bill for all the downtime. They had a note on the door that they were closed today and hoped it was not a bother for anyone...

I went to the Chamber and dropped off an invoice related to Shrimp Fest, and some printing they had requested I do for them. I also took a look at the newly organized posters from previous years and promised to get up there and try to do some kind of an inventory of them soon.

Next was Wal-Mart to get a prescription, which was not ready yet :o(

....I ran to the office when Heather got there and we chatted a minute, and Jerry Dubuisson was there and had already started digging my new well. We discused iron content, well depths and discussed a sprinkler system and called the guy who owns the house next door but lives in B'ham to see if he wanted one too. I told my neighbor that I'd have the well put in if he'd build the little dog-house protective structure over it. I will give him water to keep his grass alive because he cuts my yards, and edges too.

Then I rushed off to video tape DAC-ART blocks being set at Jerry & Mary Nasello's house under construction down Ft Morgan Rd. Ted Dial, my architect,( Mr.DAC-ART ) showed up while I was there as did several other people. I spent some time trying to figure out how to get this video onto my computer so I can upload it to YouTube, but have not got that figgered out yet. I need to find my iLink (firewire) cable. I looked for a while and ran out of time.

I rushed back to the house, collapsed and would have fallen asleep except I had told a friend that I'd go have a beer and snack w/ them after work. And now I am back and typing all this...


P.S. Today was georgous....the warmest in a while, sunny and about 70 degrees. Zero tourists here right now too, and the snowbirds are not here yet....I DREAD them coming.

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