Sunday, December 31, 2006

Might come in handy

Teachers seem to find these useful. Some laser print on clear plastic for use in the lab, like when something floating on water needs to be measured.
Printable rulers of various types.

Well, it took me a few hours today, but I got about 25 of my Daddy's, some of Miller's books and a few of mine, listed as used books for sale on Amazon.

As for college stuff, you can sell them for pretty much until the next edition comes out. Then it is not worth my time to list them.

I can do another little gorilla marketing thing when I list books. When I see one that has no image and I am asked by Amazon if I want to upload one, soooo I scan the cover of the book and then put the URL of a site I am promoting across the front, embossed, so it is subtle, but readable. I upload that to the main Amazon page for the book.

Warm , rainy day here. Got to get dressed. I am going to dinner and then to The Wharf for their festivities and music (The Tip Tops) at a street party and then to Lulu's to see Wet Willie,....well known for these Southern Rock lyrics:
well, you know I love you baby
and if I don't love you baby
grits ain't groceries
eggs ain't poultry
and Mona Lisa was a man.

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